You've found Andrew Forney's frail shell of a homepage. Below, you'll find some at-a-glance information about me, this site, and other goings-on at LMU!

BEST Bootcamp 5 / 11 / 23

Here for LMU's BEST Bootcamp? Welcome! Our in-presentation activity can be found here.

Class of 2023: Last Lecture 5 / 1 / 23

I was honored to deliver the "Last Lecture" to Seaver's graduating class of 2023, a copy of which (complete with my own self-prompts to pause dramatically at the proper moments) can be found here.

Briefcase Exposé 8 / 13 / 21

One of the ACT Lab's flagship projects, Briefcase, is getting some air time! See what the university is saying about this exciting application in partnership with Loyola Law's Project for the Innocent.

ACT Lab Resources 7 / 6 / 20

I've created a new page for all things ACT Lab -- past, present, and future! Take a look if you're interested in our work or joining

A Retention Index for STEM Excellence (RISE) 6 / 21 / 20

Dr. Sunai Kim (Civil Engineering) and I were honored as finalists in the ASEE 2020 Best Paper Top-4 for our work reexamining retention as the best metric of success in educational programs -- take a look at the video (with Andrew's COVID-Caveman appearance) here.

Crash Course in "Bad Controls" 8 / 14 / 19

I've coauthored a short article for empirical scientists working with regression models, and how causal inference can help save their day; take a look here!

Causal Inference in Theory and Practice - Blog 8 / 8 / 19

Interested in the latest on Causal Inference? Come read a blog I contribute to here!

Student ACTivity 8 / 8 / 19

My students are doing cool things in the ACT Lab -- take a look at some of their projects here!